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Is there a way to know when I have made an error?

The "Errors" highlight setting will do just that. This setting is off by default.

Sudoku is stuck on the Game Center authentication or terms and conditions popup.

Launch Apple's Game Center app. Authenticate there and agree to the latest terms and conditions. You should then be able to launch Sudoku. If the app is still stuck or frozen, follow the instructions at the end of this page.

I purchased Sudoku but it didn't show up.

Look on all your home screens for Sudoku by swiping your finger left and right. Sometimes, iOS installs new apps on the screen to the right of the current one.

You should also try to reboot your iOS device. Press and hold the sleep / wake button and slide to confirm "power off". When the device has shut down, press the sleep / wake button again to restart it. This seems to fix a lot of App Store installation problems.

I upgraded but I still see ads.

When you upgrade, you download our paid app. The icon looks similar but contains the "+" symbol. You need to use this new app to no longer be served ads.

The app is somehow "frozen" or stuck.

We want to hear about this! Please report a bug using the above email link! It is helpful for us to know what you are seeing on the screen and what sequence of events led to the problem.

To fix the problem, you will need to force the app to quit and restart. While the app is running, press and hold the sleep / wake button until you see the red "power off" slider -- but DO NOT slide it. Instead, press and hold the home button until the app quits. This will take approximately 5 seconds. At that point, you should be able to restart the app normally.